Building the Wildlife Rescue Centre


The Wildlife Rescue Centre of Esperanza Verde provides shelter for dislocated native animals, most of them confiscated from illegal trade, and some have been abandoned by previous owners.
The centre offers them a place to live out their lives peacefully, healthfully, in their natural environment.
We already have several enclosures for animals, an aviary, a big enclosure for our tapir, a reptile enclosure, a monkey enclosure an more smaller ones.
But there is still need for more, as most of the animals will not be able to be released again.
We are constructing different enclosures for a variety of species as well as quarantine and a veterinary clinic among others…
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At Esperanza Verde we have a tree-nursery for growing seeds and seedlings of wood and fruit trees for reforestation in different parts of the forest ‘Selva Dormida’.
The aim of this project is to preserve the existing natural trees and replace the large number of wood trees that have already been felled in the area. We are planting a combination of native wood, and fruit trees.
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