Come help us at our work at the Rescue Centre!

The work at Esperanza Verde is very varied. The most important day-to-day task is caring for the animals: preparing food, feeding and cleaning their enclosures. They are our number one priority. The assistant manager or head volunteer makes a weekly schedule where you will be assigned your responsibilities. There are also extra jobs: creating enrichments for the animals, general maintenance (raking, restoring, repairs etc.), cooking and construction – these are our most common additional jobs.

If there are a lot of volunteers staying at the same time, extra jobs like construction might become a full day’s job. You would help with reparations, restorations and any new projects. We have a lot of enclosures but there is almost always one under construction in need of repair. We never know what kind of animal will arrive next, so we try to stay prepared for anything!

You will be working closely with other volunteers and animals while surrounded by the Amazonian jungle. The work is physical and at times challenging, but most importantly it is rewarding, unique and an experience for life.

You will be living rather primitively, there is no electricity or hot water. Some solar electricity is available to charge phones or other small devices. The biggest city nearby is Pucallpa (about 3 hours away), but the town of Curimana is closer, about 1 hour away and you can find most necessities there. The village of the local community Bello Horizonte is just across the river, and there you can find places to connect through Wifi.

All volunteers live together in the volunteer house (capacity 12). Each bedroom has two to three beds, and you will most likely be sharing your room with someone. We provide sheets, a pillow and a blanket.

In order to volunteer, you must be at least 18 years old, and we ask you to be able to stay for at least 6 weeks so it makes it worthwhile for both you and us.

For your stay at Esperanza Verde we ask for a monetary contribution*:

  • For the first 6 weeks: 400 PEN per week.
  • Week 7 to 12: 370 PEN per week.
  • After week 12: 320 PEN per additional week.

* Covers your food and lodging and includes a contribution for food or other needs for the animals.
(PEN = Local currency ‘Peruvian Sol’. Your stay is also payable in US dollars. We prefer cash since we buy our groceries at the local market. If you want alternatives let us know.)

We ask that the payment for your stay is made in cash upon arrival. This payment can either be made in PEN (Peruvian Sol) or in US Dollars. In the event cash is not possible, we have to ask volunteers to pay an additional 5% on the prices quoted above as we incur additional expenditure. We are in a very remote location and have limited access to banking facilities, so please do prioritize bringing cash as this saves both you and us money! 

It is possible to do a project as a part of your studies, an internship, master´s or PhD, with prior consultation about the subject. The weekly contribution is 400 Peruvian soles a week (minimum stay 12 weeks). This means you get two days a week to spend on your project, on your remaining days you will be expected also to help with other volunteer duties.

The longer you stay the better the experience. The work becomes second nature, the animals become familiar faces and the jungle becomes a home.

We also welcome long-term volunteers. The roles and responsibilities are varied but rewarded with a discount or free boarding (all are subject to a 2-month trial period where normal volunteer contribution must be paid by the prospective long-term volunteer). If you are interested in becoming a long-term volunteer, please get in touch and we can discuss it. 

All our staff and volunteers coexist with about 30 monkeys who live in semi-captivity at Esperanza Verde. This means they are free to roam around the center (outside, of course). We follow a strict no-touch policy, but due to the animals’ history, they sometimes try to interact with people. Because of this, it is extremely important that everyone at the center works together to have a safety-first mindset and that we’re all constantly conscious of our surroundings, so we can continue to let the animals live freely around us.

And finally, the door is always open for old volunteers to return to EV. Even if old volunteers cannot stay for the minimum term of 6 weeks, we are happy to have you back for shorter periods or long-term positions. Just get in touch!

And finally, the door is always open for old volunteers to return to EV. Even if old volunteers cannot stay for the minimum term of 6 weeks, we are happy to have you back for shorter periods or long-term positions. Just get in touch!

Thinking of coming ?

→ Read and download our volunteer guide here. This has detailed information about life in the jungle and lets you know what to expect during your stay.

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→ Contact Arthur if you have any questions or need help planning your stay. 

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