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    We ask prospective volunteers to provide their ideal dates but also some alternative dates, in case the initial choice is unavailable. Also please note our minimum volunteer period is 6 weeks

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    → Why do you want to volunteer at Esperanza Verde ?

    We ask all applicants to write a few paragraphs describing why they would like to volunteer with us. There might be a specific aspect of the project that interests you or just that you’d love to work with animals! It is important for us to know your motivations, both so we know if we can meet your expectations, but also if you will fit the volunteer work and responsibilities.

    → Have you volunteered anywhere else in the past ?

    This can be any kind of volunteering and does not need to be animal related! For example you may have helped out at a school in the past. Please provide details of where, when, for how long and the kinds of responsibilities.

    → Do you have any specific skills or interests that you could bring to the project ?

    This could be anything! It might be that you have carpentry skills, or are a computer genius or have knowledge of solar panel technology. Maybe you love photography and want to help supply us with photos for Facebook, or it might be that you love cooking and want to impress us all with your culinary skills!

    → How did you hear about the project ?

    WebsitesGoogle researchTelevisionFacebookTwitterInstagramOther

    → Student/Internship Requirements

    Please ignore this section if you just looking to volunteer. This section is for volunteers wishing to undertake an internship or personal project during their stay.

    Please write a few paragraphs summarizing your personal project or internship. You should try and describe the main aims of the project or internship and how this might assist us in our work.

    Do you or your educational provider have any specific equirements? It might be that you need to complete a project log or diary during your stay or that you need us to provide you with an evaluation or reference at the end.

    → Medical Questions

    Do you suffer from any medical conditions that may affect you during your stay? Volunteering at Esperanza Verde can be both physically and mentally demanding. It is very important that we are aware of any medical conditions, either physical or psychological, for emergencies and to enable us to make appropriate allowances.

    Do you take any medication regularly ? If so please list it.

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