Wildlife Rescue Centre - Esperanza Verde

The Wildlife Rescue Centre of Esperanza Verde aims to provide shelter for dislocated native animals. Most of these animals are confiscated from the illegal trade, and some have been abandoned by previous owners once they were deemed unfit as pets.

At the centre animals will be able to live in their natural environment, some in large enclosures and others in semi-captivity, depending on their behavior and ability to live peacefully with the other animals at the centre.

Animals that are identified as eligible for rehabilitation and reintroduction will be transitioned to a rehabilitation and reintroduction site, with the end goal being a release into the wild

In general most animals that are confiscated have been in contact with humans, either briefly or for longer periods of time (previous pets). Having been in trade or in a holding facility, most often in contact with other wild animals and, in some cases with domesticated ones, confiscated wild animals are likely to have been exposed to diseases and parasites.

If returned to the wild, these animals may infect other wild animals, thus causing serious, and potentially irreversible, problems. They will have lost their natural instincts and depend on humans for food and shelter.

This learned behavior, as well as the risk of disease transmission, unfortunately makes most of these animals unfit for reintroduction as this could lead to the endangerment of other wild populations. The centre will offer them a place to live out their lives peacefully, healthfully, as part of social group, depending on the needs of the individual.

In order to reach the above goals and aims we are working hard to provide adequate shelter for the animals, volunteers, and ourselves.

There is always a lot to be done, but we are very confident we will be able to fulfill our dream and rescue wildlife and preserving the beautiful rainforest.