Esperanza Verde ?

A Wildlife Rescue Centre

We are a conservation project tucked away in the Amazon basin in Peru. We’ve been here since 2010, rescuing wildlife and protecting the 180 hectares of rainforest we now own, called ‘Selva Dormida’ (sleeping forest). Our goal is to keep expanding this protected area, conserving the forest and its vital inhabitants, together with the local community.

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The animals that arrive are mainly confiscated from the local and international illegal wildlife trade. Their future set on becoming a meal or a pet. We also have the occasional private person stop by after they’ve realised wild animals don’t do domestication (what a surprise).

We aim to rehabilitate these creatures and release them back into their natural home. But sadly, that’s not always possible. That’s why we have ‘Selva Dormida’, a place for animals whose life has been altered by humans, to safely roam around and be wild-ish. During their time in the centre, all animals get professional care and a chance to a life that is within their original habitat and as natural as possible.

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Esperanza Verde runs on the generous hard work of volunteers, we wouldn’t exist without their time and dedication. While we have a few full-time workers (that focus on construction), volunteers are the main providers of care for the animals, maintenance, and enrichment – but also support construction work at times.

We offer a wide range of research opportunities for students and academics. Natural scientists, veterinarians, and environmental engineers have come here to bring a plethora of projects to life. From building tree nurseries, creating an inventory for tree seedlings to animal care protocols, field courses for local veterinarians and providing support in establishing a stable water supply system.

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We don’t receive any funding from the Government. The help from volunteers and donations is what keeps us going. But we are very lucky to have the Esperanza Verde International Association – a group of charities from Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom that support us.
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