Providing veterinary care and nutrition for rescued animals is very complicated and expensive. By adopting an animal today, you can help cover the costs of an animal’s food and care for an entire year.

What do you get in return?
When you adopt an animal you get the peace of mind knowing that you are contributing to the wellbeing of your chosen animal. You will receive a personalized PDF certificate with a photo of your adopted animal, and you will also be mentioned by name on our website’s Adoption page.

If you are interested then please contact us today via email!

Animals for adoption
at Esperanza Verde


Species: Ocelot (Leopardus paradalis)
Sex: Female
Arrival EV: 05-08-2021
Est. Birthdate: 24-06-2021

Gaia, only a few weeks old, was wandering around on her own in the jungle, lost without her mother. She was taken by a man and brought to the local authorities after which she was taken to Esperanza Verde. So young and without her natural mother to teach the tricks of hunting for wild prey, has made her survival in the wild not viable any more. She has found a permanent home at Esperanza Verde and formed a close bond with our other, also female ocelot, Wayra. They live together in a spacious enclosure, thanks to the Susy Utzinger Foundation in Switzerland. Help us care for her by adopting her!

If you want to adopt Gaia, giving 200€ per year or 100€ every half year or 20€ per month, please contact us today via email!


Species: Humboldt’s woolly monkey (Lagothrix lagothricha)
Sex: Male
Arrival EV: 16/07/2015
Est. Birthdate:  January 2015

Moyo was bought by a man on the illegal market in Lima. He had a badly wounded tail at that time and was cured and raised as a pet in a family. He lost about half of his tail and when he grew bigger, the owners decided to bring him to us, as many other have found out, a monkey is not really a pet. At Esperanza Verde he lived some time outside. He had to be hospitalized in our clinic for treatment against parasites that almost killed him. After about 6 months of fighting he was finally declared healthy enough to join another woolly male in the safety of one of our enclosures. He is one of our biggest successes in our fight against an awful parasite. He sure showed us what a real fighter is about! Help us care for him by adopting him!

If you want to adopt Moyo, giving 250€ per year or 130€ every half year or 25€ per month, please contact us today via email!

DAENARYS (aka Dani)

Species: Mealy Amazon Parrot (Amazona farinosa)
Sex: Female we think
Arrival EV: 31-07-2014
Est. Birthdate: adult when she arrived.

Dani is one of our long-term residents here at Esperanza Verde and known by many as the one who makes some funny sounds. As with many birds, we don´t know their history, except for that they were confiscated from the illegal market. Dani seems to have been a pet for some time before, arriving adult and showing some self-mutilating behavior of being held in a small cage for some time. This was the most likely cause for some ongoing problems in one of her wings. She can´t fly, and has been bullied on several occasions by other birds, so we have been moving her around quite a lot. She has seen almost all the aviaries here, but we seem to have finally found a place she prefers, as she started making her cute sounds again, in the aviary with the non-releasable birds. Help take care of Dani by adopting her!

If you want to adopt Dani, giving 80€ per year or 45€ every half year or 8€ per month, please contact us today via email!


Species: Black spider monkey (Ateles chamek)
Sex: male
Arrival EV: 09/09/2014
Est. Birthdate: January 2004

Lucio was brought to Esperanza Verde after being confiscated from a circus in Pucallpa. He was used during the breaks to make photos with visitors, while sitting on their laps or standing next to them. He had a collar around his neck with a leash, so he could be controlled. To make him less dangerous his canines were broken off. As an adult male that has been in captivity so long, we could not offer him a life outside at Esperanza Verde, as he might seek a mating partner among one of us humans. But he found the company of Rimaq, another adult male, and they now live together with two large headed capuchins, Kres and Apollo, in the large enclosure, ´Rimaq´. Sometimes they are joined by Cumala or Yanay, the adult females living in semi-captivity. Help us taking care for Lucio, keeping his enclosure safe and full of enrichment by adopting him!

If you want to adopt Lucio, giving 250€ per year or 130€ every half year or 25€ per month, please contact us today via email!


Species: Yellow-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis denticulata)
Sex: male
Arrival EV: 21/12/2011
Est. Birthdate: December 1997

Pepito already had a long history as a pet, first in the capital Lima, and then he was taken back towards the jungle, in the nearby town Curimana, where he stayed for about 10 years as a pet in the garden. The owners then heard of Esperanza Verde´s existence and wanted to give Pepito the chance to meet other tortoises. Although not often thought so, also tortoises can really become tame, and thus happened with Pepito, meaning a release for him would be impossible, especially as tortoises are a well-known delicacy for locals.

So here at Esperanza Verde he first found some companion with a tapir, but not much later he found himself surrounded by several tortoises, among which he got to enjoy a lot of, especially female, companionship. When he arrived, he was a skinny tortoise with an ugly growing carapace, but since then bit by bit he has grown into a hansom fellow of about 9 kilo heavy! Help us take care of him and his companions by adopting him!

If you want to adopt Pepito, giving 60€ per year or 35€ every half year 7€ per month, please contact us today via email!


Species: Large headed capuchin (Sapajus macrochephalus)
Sex: female
Arrival EV: 01-06-2017
Est. Birthdate: March 2015

Kres was a pet for about a year at a local family, before they noticed a monkey like that is not really a great pet to have. As she was opening everything and leaving a mess everywhere, they were not able to handle her. Not strange as capuchins are known to be the smartest Southern American monkeys, and they don’t like to be told off. Kres is a unique case in the fact that because she is so clever, she is able to open most doors throughout Esperanza Verde. She resides in Rimaq enclosure with another capuchin monkey and two adult male spider monkeys. This is a choice Kres has made herself as a little over two years ago she opened Rimaq enclosure letting out the current residents and putting herself in their place. When volunteers are not on their “a” game, Kres will still open the enclosure and let everyone go free, often before letting herself into the comfort of another animal enclosure. Adopt Kres and help with a truly unique creature and her companions in Rimaq enclosure.

If you want to adopt Kres, giving 150€ per year or 80€ every half year or 15€ per month, please contact us today via email!

Already adopted animals
at Esperanza Verde


Species: Neotropical river otter (Lontra longicaudis)
Sex: Female
Arrival EV: 16-06-2020
Est. Birthdate: May 2020

Anishka was drifting off in the river when a woman found her, thinking this little brown creature was a puppy. Despite major close downs of big roads, due to the Covid pandemic, the woman managed to get Anishka all the way to EV. Being only 5 weeks old, she was still a small baby, and Olivia and Douwe took her in-house to take care of her. Her first-ever water experience was in the family’s bathtub and soon after, Marlon taught Anishka to swim and fish in the river. Anishka thoroughly enjoyed roaming freely through the jungle, exploring the waters, playing, catching crabs and fish, and was well on her way to being released into the wild. Volunteers took her further upstream, showing her where best to go to stay safe. They even spotted a wild otter there on several occasions and in December 2022 Anishka took her chances and left to become the otter she should be.

Adopted by Ewald Visser und Marije Bosman
Friends of EV since 2010, visited in 2021


Species: Large Headed Capuchin (Sapajus macrocephalus)
Sex: Female
Arrival EV: 31-08-2017
Est. Birthdate: July 2017

A young girl from the village Bello Horizonte came walking into EV, carrying Mayantu on her arm. The girl’s family had shot little Mayantu’s mom to eat her and took the baby monkey home as a pet. She was a skinny monkey but very alert and active and we took her under our care. This brought us back to the memories of the first time we took such a small baby monkey in, Mica, now a big healthy female adult monkey! When the family killed Mayantu’s mother, she lost part of her tail, but Mayantu adapted amazingly well and has joined a big group of capuchins living around Esperanza Verde. In December 2022 she gave birth to her first born, a boy named Mayuki.

Adopted by Ursula Bachem
Friend of EV since 2019


Species: Large Headed Capuchin (Sapajus macrocephalus)
Sex: Female
Arrival EV: 05-11-2010
Est. Birthdate: October 2010

When we just opened our doors, a local villager handed Mica over to Esperanza Verde, so small, our team had to raise her by hand. When Mica was first released into the jungle, she still struggled to detach herself from human beings. Later she made impressive progress and developed a strong attachment to the outside group of capuchins. To our joy Mica gave birth to her first baby early 2018, Milana, who has grown herself into a beautiful female, fully integrated in the outside group. Unfortunately Mica passed away very suddenly in April 2023.

Adopted by Bigna Schulthess
Friend of EV since 2010, volunteer in 2012 and 2023


Species: Chestnut-eared Aracari (Pteroglossus castanotis)
Sex: Female we think?
Arrival EV: 22-02-22
Est. Birthdate: Unknown

Amora came to us, as part of a big group of several bird species, all confiscated at a private home. Most likely the owners intended to sell them off as pets, therefore most of the birds were already very tame. Amora luckily could fly, with her wings and feathers intact. After we freed her of some parasites and gave her the right diet she got herself up again and grew into to the strong beauty she now is. Being so tame, she is one of the few exceptions to EV’s strict non-touch policy. Amora quickly has become a favourite to many of our volunteers. She often spends time with Eros, the other aracari, and loves to show him how the big macaws in the Elmo enclosure are to be dealt with!

Adopted by Paola Chavez Salvador.
Volunteer in 2022-2023


Species: Black Spider Monkey (Ateles chamek)
Sex: Female
Arrival EV: 22-08-2014
Est. Birthdate: December 2014

Yanay arrived together with our resident male black spider monkey: Rimaq. She was found in a cage along the road to the big city of Pucallpa, with no apparent owner. Very skinny, and showing stereotypical behaviour, at EV she grew into a beautiful adult female. Yanay slowly adapted to outside life in the jungle again and learned to stay away from us humans. This process wasn’t easy for her but neither for us. In the end she got there and taking up the role of ‘babysitting’ several smaller monkeys during the years, she now has her own beautiful baby girl, named Yayana, to take care of.

Adopted by Jette Wolbers.
Volunteer in 2022-2023


Species: Large Headed Capuchin (Sapajus macrocephalus)
Sex: Male
Arrival EV: 31-08-2019
Est. Birthdate: December 2016

Yanamayu taken from the wild, ended up in illegal wildlife trade. A woman bought him and kept him as a pet. In 2019 she voluntarily handed Yanamayu over to Esperanza Verde after learning that capuchins are not so much fun as pets, they can become quite troublesome when confined in a house. Having been a pet for such a long time, Yanamayu could not be released in to the wild anymore, too fixated on humans, and not able to survive on his own in the jungle. At EV he now lives in an enclosure together with other adult un-releasable monkeys. He adapted well and as the playful monkey he is, you can often see him fooling around with the other monkeys.

Adopted by Janick Jaussi
Volunteer in 2018 and in 2021-2022


Species: Ma´s Night Monkey (Aotus nancymaae)
Sex: Female
Arrival EV: 19-05-2023
Est. Birthdate: December 19-03-2023

With only 8 weeks old Yuna was left with the local authorities. So young we were directly contacted and picked her up to give her the proper care at Esperanza Verde. She grew quickly in a young lady, favourite of many volunteers who participated in her daily and nightly care. She now lives in an outside enclosure and has already had the company on occasions of, the already released males, Ushari and Otis. Soon she will join them on the outside too.

Adopted by Sigrid Leerink.
Friend of EV since 2010, visited in 2019, 2021, 2023


Species:  Linnaeus’s two-fingered sloth (Choloepus didactylus)
Sex: Male
Arrival EV: 19-08-2023
Est. Birthdate: June 2023

Kelso was handed over to the authorities, after being saved from a drunkard waving him around on his arm. As the woman in charge knew that a young animal like this needs to be in intensive care with adequate milk and food, she took the journey herself and brought Kelso to Esperanza Verde. Thanks to the donation of Emmi Nutritional Solutions International, Kelso (estimated at 2-3 months old) could be raised with goatmilk, He is learning bit by bit which leaves he can eat, as volunteers are taking turns finding him fresh leaves from the forest for him every day. Bit by bit he is getting ready for a life outside in the jungle again.

Adopted by Catelijne Maij-Cortlever
Friend of EV since 2010, visited in 2023


Species:  Black-capped squirrel monkey (Saimiri boliviensis)
Sex: Female
Arrival EV: 22-12-2023
Est. Birthdate: November 2023

Dina was found by a local family on their plantation, no mother nearby. So young, estimated about 4-5 weeks old, she would not survive long on her own. The family handed her over to Esperanza Verde, where a team of volunteers awaited to give her, the care needed. Raising a young monkey like Dina is a long and intensive process: feeding milk, porridge, vitamins, teaching to eat solids, climbing in trees, socializing with other monkeys, while not letting her get to attach us humans. We hope she will become part of the free and wild living group of squirrel monkeys here around Esperanza Verde. She is already making her first steps now by bonding with juvenile squirrel monkey Mina.

Adopted by Gina Flachowsky
Volunteer in 2023/24


Species: Red howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus)
Sex: Female
Arrival EV: 18-11-2021
Est. Birthdate: February 2021

Maida was taken out of the wild to be sold as a pet. Soon after she ended up with the authorities who brought her to Esperanza Verde in the company of woolly monkeys Keska and Tasha. They bonded together during the quarantine period, and when they were let outside Maida was accepted quickly by the other monkeys, taking a special place in the group, being the only howler (for now) outside. She also spends some of her time giving attention to Darwin, the adult male howler who lives at EV in an enclosure. She even tries to howl together with him. She is always a funny sight, with her special walk and play-face gestures.

Adopted by Maud Huygen
Volunteer in 2023/24