Wildlife Rescue Centre

We aim to provide shelter for displaced and exploited native animals from the Peruvian rainforest. Most of the animals that arrive to Esperanza Verde have been confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade and abandoned by previous owners – once they realise wild animals do not make good pets (what a surprise).

Here, they get a second chance at living in their natural habitat, some in large enclosures and others in semi-captivity, depending on their behaviour and ability to live peacefully with the other animals at the centre.

While one of our goals is to release every animal that arrives into the wild, that isn’t always possible. The majority of our arrivals have been in contact with humans, either briefly or for a longer period (like being a pet). Having been in the trade or a holding facility, they are very likely to have been in contact with other wild animals, which means the probability of being exposed to diseases and parasites they normally wouldn’t have, is high.

If returned to the wild, they pose a threat of infecting wild animals, thus causing serious, and potentially irreversible problems. It’s also highly likely that they will have lost their instincts, not recognizing life threatening situations or knowing how to hunt for or find food. They have often only learned to depend on humans for food and shelter.

Their unnatural learned behaviours and the risk of spreading disease, means many of the animals that come to us, don’t end up being released. So, we work tirelessly to provide a place and environment for them to have a peaceful, healthy, and as close to natural life as we can.

Animals that are identified as eligible for rehabilitation and reintroduction go through a thorough process to make sure their chances of survival back in the wild are as high as possible.

The work is never-ending, but so is our passion for rescuing wildlife and preserving the beautiful rainforest they live in. Do you feel the same? Join us for an adventure you won’t soon forget.