Esperanza Verde Update / January 2018

2018 at Esperanza Verde is off to a busy start! With both new animals and old animals, exciting things are always happening here.


Milana, baby of Mica

Mica (female adult capuchin) and her baby which has been named Milana (female) are doing great! They are both healthy and Milana was recently seen spending time off of her mother and practicing pushing up on her arms which is excellent progress for such a young capuchin.

Loki taking care of Tawaki
Kamari and Tawaki, Wallace in the back

Tawaki and Naka (woolly monkeys) are also doing well. They spend their days outside playing and exploring with the other monkeys and go to sleep at night in Pepe cage.

Otis, male baby nightmonkey

The two baby night monkeys, Luna (female) and Otis (male), are still being kept at the family house but now spend some time each night in an outside cage with a volunteer to help them get used of being outside. Luna will be the first to be moved outside and Otis will soon follow once he grows a bit bigger.


Other Mammals

Rufus, just before release

We are excited to announce that Rufus (wild male porcupine) has successfully been released from Zambo cage into the wild with his tail healed! Good job Douwe and Donna!
Lulu (female two-toed sloth) has unexpectedly had to return to the clinic due to an abscess in her nose. She is currently receiving antibiotics and being monitored.

Kila in the trunk

Due to Kila being found with an injured tail, both her and Kiko (both kinkajous) have been enclosed but she has just completed getting treatment and they are going to be let out again so they can roam in the area around their cage.



We have some very sad news that unfortunately Churi (many-banded aracari) has passed away. We know this news will be sad for many volunteers as it has been for us: he will be greatly missed. He had ongoing problems with his feet which seemed to be doing well for a while but in the end took his life.



Vivil (male yellow-footed tortoise) just completed his three month quarantine and is now parasite free. He has been moved to the reptile cage to be with the other tortoises.


SUST Animal Orphan Hospital

The three howler monkeys, Darwin, Cesar, and Kaya (only female) have been doing great. They are currently transitioning out of the clinic into Roko cage full time. They have been spending most of their days outside playing and climbing with the other monkeys.
Mayantu (female young capuchin) has also been spending most of her days outside but still sleeps in the clinic. She often joins the capuchin group outside and stays with them for long periods of time playing and following the group.


New Arrivals at the Hospital

On a recent trip to Pucallpa the ministry gave three new animals to Esperanza Verde. The animals were donated to the ministry after a recent campaign working to educate people on why wild animals’ shouldn´t be kept as pets.


The first is a baby female capuchin (on arrival about 6 weeks old) that is doing very well. She has just received a name after much collaboration and will be called Ronya. She is currently being cared for by volunteers at the volunteer house at night and then in the clinic during the day.
The second was a baby male tamandua which unfortunately passed away a few days after arriving possibly due to an infection in his intestines.

Ruena, female tayra

And thirdly we received a young female tayra that has been named Ruena. She has been keeping the volunteers busy trying to come up with new enrichment to satisfy her high energy. Ruena is completing a quarantine period in the clinic after which she will be moved to the Zambo cage. From there we will start to introduce her to daily walks through the forest.



Our happy volunteers