Meet the Corona crew ! Episode 4 : Marlon

Meet the Corona crew !
Episode 4 : Marlon

We find ourselves in a unique situation at EV with a very stable crew: the whole team has been here for at least 3 months now! We would like to introduce you to this ‘Corona Crew’, today we get to know Marlon!

Marlon (10) is the son of Douwe and Olivia and was born at Esperanza Verde, so he lived in Peru his whole life. Growing up in the jungle, he got to know the surroundings of EV very well and he also learned a lot about the plants, fruits and animals of this region. Therefore, the volunteers are very happy if Marlon comes with them on leaf walks, since there will always be some fruits found to eat, new paths to discover or new fun facts to learn. Marlon is also always happy to lend a hand if volunteers need help catching fish, finding tortoise-leaves or if they are looking for a game-buddy on their day off.

Here comes the rest his interview:

What do you like about the jungle?

The trees and the animals.

What is your favorite animal/species?


What is the most annoying/difficult thing about living here?

There are no friends nearby. I can’t just go to the neighborhood kids and play.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Watch movies, play games on Nintendo/phone. But if someone wants to fish, I like to do that.

What do you do first when you go to the Netherlands?

If there is snow, I would play with it. I also like swimming or playing pinball at my grandparents house.

Do you like it not going to school for a year because of Corona?

No, at school there are friends and I have a break.

What would you do with 5000 soles?

I would buy an indestructible drone with a camera.

What is the best present you ever got for your birthday?

A triple drone (boat, car and drone in one).

What is your favorite meal?

Pasta white sauce a la Manish (a luxurious hotel in Pucallpa).