Say hello to Janick !

Say hello to Janick !

We would like to mention a special and now long-term volunteer:

Janick Jaussi, from Switzerland.

He volunteered at EV for the first time in 2018, and decided to come back to help and realize a very special personal project at the same time. Best to let him tell it in his own words:

When I left the Centre Esperanza Verde in 2018 after 6 weeks of volunteering, I knew two things for sure: I want to return one day to work longer and gain a deeper insight into the wildlife. In addition, I couldn’t get rid of the thought that I wanted to travel the endless rivers of the Amazon basin, on my own boat.

Three years later in April 2021, when the border to Peru was finally open again, I travelled back to the place where I had not yet finished, and my thoughts so often had circled around this green paradise.
I brought in my luggage this time, a self-built “pedal motor”, a lot of cables, current regulators and other things.

A year ago I decided to start a project with friends and to document an adventure that still gives me sleepless nights: I want to paddle from the port of Esperanza Verde with a self-built, and self-propelled boat downstream, until I hopefully reach the Atlantic Ocean after about 5 000 km.
The whole thing should not only be a challenge and an adventure for me, but it should also bring something good for the animals and the centre of Esperanza Verde.

That’s why I founded “Terrific Hate”* in 2020 with two friends from Switzerland.
With the help of sponsors/donations, as well as with the sale of self-designed shirts I hope to be able to support the centre financially, so that this whole project and adventure finally will be a benefit to the animals of EV.

I have been in the Selva Dormida now for 4 months, and I am now the happy owner of two beautiful canoes. In the next few months, these will be assembled into a “catamaran”, which will later have a small house on top of it.
In addition to the small cottage, a small kitchenette, a hammock, and a terrace with oar/pedal drive should make the trip a little more comfortable, as I expect about 6 months of travelling on the river. When I will lift the anchor, how long I will need for the stretch, and whether I will ever reach the Atlantic Ocean, is currently still in the stars. But one day it will be time, and my waiting and preparation will have ended.

If you are interested in my adventure and stories from the centre, then follow us on Instagram “Terrific Hate” or visit the website .
Unfortunately, my English is not good enough to present to accompany the whole website in English. However, pictures and videos usually speak for themselves =)

* TERRIFIC: Stands on the one hand for the beautiful biodiversity of the amazon basin and the hope to do something good with the project. At the same time the word terrific can have a negative meaning. This contradiction symbolizes the vulnerability of this ecosystem and reminds us to treat it with care.
HATE: Stands for the disproportionate deforestation and exploitation of a unique ecosystem. Hate stands for our drive to positively counteract with the project.