September 2020 Newsletter - Esperanza Verde

September 2020 Newsletter

With so few volunteers and officially no new animal arrivals one could think that there wouldn’t be a lot of information to portray. That is not the case as, in spite of any obstacles thrown in our direction, we continue the daily trials and tribulations to fulfil animal requirements.


After just six months of living within and outside the family house, Kassai (tamandua anteater) made the move to a larger enclosure this month. Kassai still requires intensive one on one care as he has sustained an injury to his tongue, but appears to be adapting well to having a lot more space. He is a welcome sight to see in the evenings interacting with Puck (long term “stranded” volunteer) and exploring the outside of his enclosure as well.

By having so many different species within one area, we are occasionally treated to witnessing special relationships. Sumo (South American coati) is a wild card within Esperanza Verde. Always showing up unexpectedly and keeping staff, volunteers and other animals on their toes. While known to be a hindrance while trying to complete any task that Sumo takes an interest in, it is still intriguing and humbling to see him playing with Tara (the family dog), and the sometimes limitless enthusiasm and energy they possess.

Naka and Talisha (humboldts woolly monkeys) re-joined the outside monkeys after their time in Lulu. They are both gaining weight as expected and are highly receptive to the addition of a milk supplement to their daily intake.

SUST Animal Orphan Hospital

Kiara (orange winged amazon) is spending time in the clinic currently after being found in the Pichu aviary with a damaged leg. As blood flow