Esperanza Verde’s 10th Anniversary Party postponement

Dear all,

We hope all of you find yourself well in these troubled times.

We were all looking forward to celebrate our anniversary with you. Unfortunately, all changed shortly after with Covid-19 putting the whole world in an unprecedented situation. We waited some time but finally have had to decide to postpone the anniversary of Esperanza Verde in August.

We can’t say yet when we will reschedule the party, as it is unsure how the Covid-19 situation will develop and how the short- and long-term effects on Esperanza Verde will be.

At this moment we are good, we have a small but motivated group to take care of all the animals, and we can still get most of our groceries. In Peru all local and national transport is still banned till end of June, and international flights will first be allowed by end of July (if nothing changes of course). So, after that we will see, but we are preparing for several months with very few volunteers and none coming. It will be a hard time for the rest of the year at Esperanza Verde, but so far, we think the animals are not noticing too much of the effects Covid is having. Our international team is working hard to get us all the financial support for the extra costs and is there for us all the time to help us in medical consults, animals and human wise.

We are looking forward to celebrate our first 10 years with you as soon as the situation allows it. If you have any questions until then please reach out to us.

Thank you for your support !

Olivia – Director & Founder