Meet the Corona crew ! Episode 13 : Carmen

Meet the Corona crew !
Episode 13 : Carmen

We find ourselves in a unique situation at EV: the whole team has been here for at least 3 months! We would like to introduce you to this ‘Corona Crew’, today meet Carmen!

Carmen is 19 and comes from The Netherlands. She initially planned to stay for 3.5 months, but it looks more like it’s going to be 5 months now. When we asked other volunteers to describe Carmen they all more or less agreed: she is always smiling and happy and she is excited by everything, a quality very appreciated by our volo-family.

What Carmen loves about the jungle is seeing the silhouette of the trees in front of the stars, the sounds, the simplicity but chaos of life and the colours. “It’s basically just beautiful!” The most difficult thing about being in the jungle is that your clothes have to dry for 3 weeks if it’s raining a lot.